On-Site I.T Support during Covid-19

Our Precautions and Requirements

Last updated : 13th August 2020



Because of Covid-19, we have implemented new procedures to the way we carry out work at our customer sites for the foreseeable future. This is to ensure the safety of our customers and engineers and to meet health and safety guidelines set out by Public Health England.


We have listed below the precautions we will be taking, along with what we will expect from our customers during our visit.


We are providing onsite calls for customers with I.T support contracts, once we have exhausted all forms of remote support. If you do not have an I.T support contract with us, me may still be able to provide onsite support and can discuss this with you on a case by case basis.



Prior to our visit


  • Prior to the appointment, we will contact you to discuss your I.T issues that cannot be resolved remotely, and what we will be doing onsite. You will then receive a confirmation email of the work to be carried out. Please note that once onsite, we will be unable to carry out any work not included on your confirmation email.



You will notice differences in the way we work onsite, designed to protect you and us.


  • We will carry hand sanitiser and use this before entering your premises.
  • We will wear face coverings at all time whilst onsite to protect you.
  • Our engineers will carry portable input devices. If we need to work on your PC, we will connect and use these instead of your keyboard or mouse.
  • We have suspended the use of engineer worksheets that you are required to sign, and will instead send you a worksheet via email once works are complete.
  • Once works are complete, any handover or updates will be completed offsite via phone by the engineer or from our office, to minimise time spent onsite.



Before we arrive, please:


  • Ensure there is a clear path to any areas where we are required to work
  • Wipe down any surfaces or equipment we will be expected to handle with antibacterial wipes/spray, or detergent.



When we are onsite you must:


  • Maintain two metre social distancing at all times
  • Wherever possible, move to a different room from where we are working.
  • If you feel this will not be possible, please contact us before our visit, as we will be able to abort the visit and leave site immediately if we feel adequate social distancing is not being maintained.



Thank you for helping to keep us and yourself safe, and if you have any questions or have further requirements from us for our visit, please notify us beforehand..