Support Contracts designed to be tailored specifically around your requirements.

No minimum length on any of our contracts

Tailored I.T support contracts


Our I.T Support Contracts are designed to be tailored specifically around your requirements.


It is due to this that we impose no minimum terms on our contracts, and that they operate on a rolling monthly basis.

Upgrade or downgrade at any time


You are also free to upgrade or downgrade your level of support at any time and can choose your own customised contract if you require something different to that of the options on offer.

All our contracts include on-site and/or remote support

A unique option for your I.T Support


Our I.T contract options come in 2 separate flavours, designed for maximum flexibility.


We can charge for I.T support depending on the amount of users, devices, and sites you would like covered, and include unlimited remote support and agreed on-site support within  this option. This allows you to budget your I.T support, depending on what you would like covered.


Our 2nd flavour of contracts give you set hours of inclusive  support with chargeable hours above this, regardless of how many users or computers you have. This tends to be a lot cheaper for businesses with several users or I.T devices, who may not require support on a daily basis, but would like the security and peace of mind of an I.T support contract.


We can give options and prices for both flavours of I.T support for your company, so you can compare.

No Minimum Contract Length

Upgrade or downgrade your contract at any time

We round your charges down

All our support contracts are rolling monthly, from the very 1st day.

Change your contract to suit your requirements, as often as you like.

Not only do we not charge, to get to your site, we will round down our I.T support charges to the nearest 15 minutes, if they are chargeable.

Inclusive on-site and remote support included

Tailored contracts available on request

Out-of-Hours support available

All our contracts include remote and/or on-site support time every month, with guaranteed response times.

Change your contract to suit your requirements, as often as you like.

If your business relies on functioning I.T systems during evenings and/or weekends, we can provide support outside office hours if required.

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