Greater flexibility and a future proof office phone solution that adapts as you  grow

What is Hosted Voice?



Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud based telephone system which sends voice calls over the internet instead of phone lines. It allows businesses to easily communicate and collaborate, it’s easy to set up and there’s little to no maintenance required.


It works in a similar way as a standard telephone system, but with much more flexibility. You can make and receive office calls from your desk phone as before, but also from your office computer, and from anywhere on your mobile or laptop.


Because it works anywhere with a connection to the internet, we can come to your office to demonstrate the system, and all its advantages.

VOIP/Hosted Voice telephone systems for maximum flexibility

Reduced Costs

Software Assurance

Disaster Recovery

Quick Setup for Users

You can save money by adopting IP Voice instead of traditional phone lines

Benefit from constant access to the latest automatic software updates for your phone system

Disaster recovery options should an outage occur, mean it’s easy to reroute calls to mobiles or alternative telephone lines

Users can be set up in minutes,  and changes made quickly and simply. Plus, it’s easy to scale and add new users with no disruption

The range of features available enables you to manage your business communications effectively, a few of these include...

Music on Hold

Voice Mail

Voicemail to Email

Call Recording

Caller Display

Upload music to entertain your callers while they wait

Setup and customise group or individual voice mails

Retrieve voicemails without dialling into the system

Instantly record any call at the touch of a button

Incoming calls automatically display their number

Call Attendant

Day / Night Service

Multiple Groups

Twin Rings

Disaster Recovery

Option to setup menus for incoming calls

Choose different call outcomes for time of day

Setup incoming Hunt, Terminal, Circular groups

Receive calls on an external device at the same time

Reroute calls should an office outage occur

Smartphone App

Windows App

Presence for Mobile

Calendar Integration

Contacts Integration

Make and receive calls from your mobile app

Make and receive calls from your computer or laptop

Your incoming calls routed depending on your location

Your incoming calls routed by diary availability

Import your Outlook contacts

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