Send Messages & Files Securely

'Cloud-based email encryption, secure file sharing, and e-signatures for your business.'


The robust feature set enables message tracking & control, large file transfers, secure e-signature validation, and regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.

Why Secure Email Messaging?


Secure Email Messaging provides an Email Encryption feature so that you can send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform.


With Secure Email Messaging you'll also benefit from an advance message control and a delivery slip feature, the ability to send large files up to 5Gb quickly and know in real time when and how information was received.

Encrypt and Send in One Click


Never leave your inbox to encrypt a message. Simply hit send to secure your emails and stay compliant.

Securely Share Large Files


Email files up to 5Gb quickly, bypass pre-set file size limits and know instantly when a file is accessed or shared.

Know the Who, When and What of Your Email


Know when an email was received, read, answered, forwarded, deleted or printed.

Hit Send without a Second Thought


Protect & control of sensitive messages with ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze & For Your Eyes Only. Recall messages and their attachments, even if already opened.

Rest Assured when It Comes to Compliance


Maintain data privacy and comply with regulations through our advanced encryption capabilities, extensive controls and unique secure architecture.

Send Private Emails to Anyone


Send fully secure emails to internal employees, partners, customers - anyone, without requiring them to download special software.


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Why Choose Secure Email Messaging?